prononciation: IPA: slӕm /slam/

Les traductions dans français:

  • claquer     
    (Verb  ) (verb   )
    To shut with sudden force so as to produce a shock and noise
    to shut with sudden force and noise
  • battre     
    (verb   )
  • cogner   
    (verb   )
  • heurter     
    (verb   )
  • slam   
  • écraser     
    (verb   )

D''autres significations:

(card games) Losing or winning all the tricks in a game.
The shock and noise produced by slamming
(countable, prison) A meal where ingredients are shared by three or more people to create dinner.
To speak badly of
(intransitive, bridge (card game)) To make a slam bid.
An act of slamming
(obsolete) A type of card game, also called ruff and honours.
(transitive, ergative) To put in or on a particular place with force and loud noise. (Often followed by a preposition such as down , against or into.)
To put in or on a particular place with force and loud noise
(transitive) To strike forcefully with some implement.
(transitive) to change providers (e.g. of domain registration or telephone carrier) for a customer without clear (if any) consent.
(uncountable) The yellow iron silicate produced in alum works as a waste product.
(countable) (basketball) A slam dunk.
(countable, colloquial, US) An insult.
to drink off, to drink quickly
(basketball) To dunk forcefully, to slam dunk.
(countable, bridge (card game)) A bid of six ( small slam ) or seven ( grand slam ) in a suit or no trump.
(countable) The shock and noise produced by violently closing a door or other object.
(transitive, card games) To defeat by winning all the tricks of a deal or a hand.
To strike forcefully with some implement
(transitive, colloquial) To speak badly of.
(countable) A sudden impact or blow.
(transitive, ergative) To shut with sudden force so as to produce a shock and noise.
A poetry slam.

Expressions similaires dans le dictionnaire anglais français. (10)

Bellingham SlamBellingham Slam
College SlamCollege Slam
grand slamgrand-chelem; grand chelem
Grand SlamGrand Chelem de tennis; Grand Chelem de golf; grand-chelem; Grand Chelem
poetry slamslam
Power SlamPower Slam
Sega Soccer SlamSega Soccer Slam
SlamSlam; chelem
SLAM MagazineSlam
slam the doorclaquer; claquer la porte

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Exemple de phrases avec "slam", mémoire de traduction

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Hamas has slammed a decision by Israel to allow civilian goods into the Gaza Strip, saying the move is aimed at evading ...Selon l'AFP, des échanges de tirs ont opposé ...
I' m getting married, June ‧-- You don' t have to slam on the keys" Je me marie le ‧ juin
A Thai agricultural worker was killed when the rocket slammed into a kibbutz just a few kilometres (couple of miles) from the Gaza border.En régions cependant, des discussions parallèles aboutissaient à de nombreuses fusions de listes. Le but : éviter des triangulaires qui pourraient cependant se produire en Bretagne, Limousin et Nord-Pas-de-Calais.
With the resounding slam of the Base Commander's door, the secretary ambled disinterestedly back into the room.Une d'elles m'a dit d'attendre là.
Most of those on order are what is known as 'Mark ‧ eplacement Vehicles' (the slam door trains) and are due to be on the network by DecemberLa plupart des véhicules commandés sont destinés à remplacer les modèles «Mark ‧ » (les trains à portes battantes) et devraient être mis en service d'ici à décembre
Like a door slammed and boltedUne porte qu' on verrouille
In addition to that we slam a trades training package at him, because he has to start that so he can start on his career.On lui fait subir non seulement une formation de matelot mais aussi une formation dans les métiers parce que c'est ce qu'il doit faire s'il veut commencer sa carrière.
Ain' t nobody slamming no ass tonight, manPersonne me défonce de cul ce soir, mec
But, in the last few years, the Europeans, led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, have de facto slammed the door to European Union accession in Turkey’s face.Mais les Européens, sous l’impulsion de la Chancelière allemande Angela Merkel et du président français Nicolas Sarkozy, ont récemment de facto claqué la porte de l’adhésion européenne au nez de la Turquie.
Oh, that' s Slam ManMon punching- ball
Winter's favourite target, St. John's, was slammed by almost every winter storm that crossed North America.La cible préférée de l'hiver, St. John's, a essuyé quasiment toutes les tempêtes hivernales passant par l'Amérique du Nord.
You better not slam that doorNe t' avise pas de claquer la porte!
America’s deepening recession is slamming China’s export sector, just as it has everywhere else in Asia.L’aggravation de la récession aux Etats-Unis a frappé le secteur des exportations chinoises de plein fouet, comme partout ailleurs en Asie.
As she left his office, she again slammed the door.La première fois ils ont repris leur discussion animée de la veille.
Wales won the Triple Crown and continued their march towards the Grand Slam with a narrow victory over Ireland at Croke Park.A Croke Park, les Gallois s'imposent face aux Irlandais et se maintiennent en course pour le Grand Chelem qu'ils joueront la semaine prochaine face à la France.
If a manually-operated service door is fitted with a slam lock it shall be of the two-stage typeSi une porte à commande manuelle se ferme par claquement, la serrure doit être du type à deux positions de verrouillage
• School children get glimpse of ice diving ARMY Artillery from British Columbia heads south for shoot YAKIMA, Washington - The turret of a derelict tank shivers as a 105 mm squash head target tracer round slams into its side.• Des enfants observent des plongeurs sous la glace ARMÉE L’artillerie de la Colombie-Britannique se dirige vers le sud pour un exercice de tir YAKIMA (Washington) - La tourelle d’un char abandonné éclate au moment où un obus traçant de 105 mm à ogive plastique la frappe de plein fouet.
In Pictures: Thai Red Shirts hold mass demonstrations Red Shirts to extend protests to Bangkok streets as of Monday morning French President asks wife Carla Bruni to end Thailand holiday with lover Buddhist monks join Red Shirt anti-government rally [Photos] IRS tax agents visit California carwash demanding... 4 cents Twitter now lets the world know WHERE you are NYC taxi drivers rip off passengers by $8.3 million Red Shirt leaders to Thai government: Dissolve House within 24 hours or see mass street protests spread Thai-English government website giving security updates during Red Shirts' mass rally Thai condom makers focus on fun, rather than promoting sexuality Nissan launches Thailand’s first eco car, March Thailand's last unspoiled islands Luxury cruise line slams "rip-offs" by taxi drivers at Phuket Port Babymime Show Vol.Grippe porcine: un cas suspect toujours hospitalisé à Poitiers DROIT D'AUTEUR - L'UMP versera 30.000 euros au groupe de rock MGMT De Villepin : Papy fait de la résistance ?
Fitzgerald, ifyou were a man, I would slam you in the teethRemettez- les en place... tout de suite!
Rap music is a music whose origins are the most mixed in the world, and in slam (rap poetry) it’s a music that relies entirely on voice and rhythm.La musique rap est la musique la plus métissée qui soit au monde, et dans le slam (poésie rappée) une musique qui passe seulement par la voix et le rythme.
I must admit, Commissioner Fischler, that you have slammed on all the brakes - if I may put it thus - both skilfully and in bad faith in order to delay labelling.Il est vrai, Monsieur le Commissaire Fischler, que vous avez freiné des quatre sabots - si vous me permettez la formule - avec habilité et mauvaise foi, pour retarder l'étiquette.
SASKATCHEWAN SASKATOON Driving rains and fierce winds slammed into the city on July 11.SASKATCHEWAN SASKATOON Le 11 juillet, des pluies déferlantes balaient la ville.
But Hu’s administration invariably slams on the brakes whenever their "put-people-first" initiatives begin to threaten one-party rule.Pourtant, l’administration de Hu Jintao freine brusquement à chaque fois que des initiatives visant à « faire passer le peuple en priorité » commencent à menacer le régime du parti unique.
She won her first—and as of early Spring 2006, her only— Grand Slam singles title at the 2004 US Open , where she defeated countrywoman Elena Dementieva in straight sets in an all-Russian final (the second in history after Myskina-Dementieva at the French Open of the same year).Elle a remporté son premier titre du grand chelem en 2004 à l' US Open , où elle défit sa compatriote Elena Dementieva en deux sets 6/3 7/5.
Australian Grant Rollerson, with crew Jack Young and Michael Coxon have SLAM dunked to lead the Mark Foy Trophy series.Avec 3 Australiens sur le podium de la première manche (respectivement Grant Rollerson sur Slam, John Winning Junior sur Appliances Online et Jonathan Whitty sur Panasonic), courue dans un vent très léger, on pouvait s'attendre au début d'une domination australienne tout au long de la semaine de confrontation internationale du Mark Foy Trophy. Un...
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